Mfactory K series Helical LSD

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  • 8th Gen Honda Civic Si
  • 9th Gen Honda Civic Si
  • Acura RSX
  • 1st Gen Acura TSX
  • 2nd Gen Acura TSX

Through the smooth and constant distribution of power to the wheels, the MFactory Helical LSD puts the power-to-the-ground and maximizes your vehicle's traction - a must for any FWD race car, be it Street, Strip or Track!

The v2 Helical LSD is lighter, stronger and more efficient than any other Helical LSD on the market today! 


  • Designed for more aggressive cornering by raising the torque bias from 66% to 75%  
  • Made from imported Japanese SAE 4320 Steel Forged, Double Tempered and Super Sub-Zero treated for unsurpassed toughness
  • Advanced Shot Peening technology increases surface hardness
  • Designed to withstand the extreme shock loads of competition-level Drag Racing
  • Advanced gear geometry designed using industry-leading software puts more power to the ground
  • Only the highest quality Brighton-Best Hardware is used
  • Maintenance-free Gears eliminates the need for special fluids & rebuilds associated with plate-type LSDs
  • Lock-free operation ensures no adverse affect to steering response
  • Optional Stage 1 Race Pack Upgrade for more aggressive cornering (Honda Fitments Only)

NOTE: Stage 1 Race Pack Upgrade now available for Honda B-Series, K-Series and H-Series Fitments. 

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