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SKU: KH082971

FITS: 3rd Gen Honda Fit GK5

It is designed for a serious performance tuner with a sturdy 48mm core. Better cooling reserve when you need it is the result of increased capacity. You may quadruple your coolant capacity and experience up to a 35% performance boost over your stock radiator with this radiator, which is designed for both circuit and daily use. All Koyorad Aluminum Radiators, unless otherwise stated, are Nocolok brazed, factory fit, direct bolt-in, require no engine changes, and maintain mounting for the OEM fan shrouds and fans.


  1. Tailored for Performance Enthusiasts: This radiator is meticulously crafted for serious performance tuners, featuring a robust 48mm core to meet their demanding requirements.

  2. Enhanced Cooling Reserve: With increased capacity, it ensures a substantial cooling reserve that's readily available when needed most.

  3. Amplified Cooling Efficiency: Experience the potential to quadruple your coolant capacity and enjoy a remarkable up to 35% surge in performance compared to your stock radiator.

  4. Seamless Installation: All Koyorad Aluminum Radiators, unless otherwise specified, boast Nocolok brazing and are meticulously designed as factory-fit components, ensuring a direct bolt-in process without the need for engine modifications.

  5. Compatibility with OEM Components: These radiators retain mounting provisions for the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) fan shrouds and fans, preserving the compatibility of your existing components for a smooth and hassle-free upgrade.

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