Innovate SCG-1 Solenoid Boost Controller & Wideband Gauge

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Innovate SCG-1 boost controllers integrate the industry-leading DirectDigital wideband air/fuel ratio technology. The company paired its advanced oxygen sensor control technology with its all new proprietary solenoid control that provides superior boost control accuracy, response, and safety.

A user-programmable shift light was added to the entire package, housed in a compact gauge body for ease of installation and use.

As with all of Innovate's air/fuel ratio products, the SCG-1 boost controllers utilize only 100 percent digital wideband air/fuel ratio technology to provide real-time feedback to the SCG-1. This air/fuel information is displayed on an integrated OLED display, along with manifold pressure and wastegate duty status. The air/fuel ratio information is also used to provide a user-definable boost cut that enhances the safety margin over most competitors' offerings which rely only on overboost threshold.

Innovate SCG-1 boost controllers have a fully-programmable analog output, ideal for applications using standalone ECUs, piggyback ECUs, or external data loggers.

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