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Fits: 8th Gen Honda Civic

As a commitment to our customers, we are proud to offer a refreshed version of the most popular short shifter assembly for the 8th generation Honda Civic chassis!

The shifter’s frame is constructed from TIG welded, powder coated, 1000 Series steel. The Dust-Gold anodized upper and lower rocker assemblies are now made of single pieces of Aerospace aluminum and feature custom sealed ball bearings to reduce friction.

The new V2 shifter is 60% smoother than the original version requiring much less physical effort to row through gears all while being significantly lighter.

Shift throw adjustment is achieved using two threaded cable attachment pins, meaning fine tweaks can be made to shift throw, allowing you to dial in the exact throw that suits your shifting style. Each attachment pin features a wear-resistant Delrin pivot cap for sturdy, quiet operation.

New dual, zinc-plated extension springs replace the OEM style torsion centering spring for better centering action and more direct feel. The front/back throw and left/right throw can be adjusted independently and figures for throw reduction are shown below:

2006-2008 8th Gen Honda Civic Si:

  • Front/back adjustable from 80%-48% stock throw (20%-52% reduction)
  • Left/right adjustable from 83%-47% stock throw (17%-53% reduction)

209-2011 8th Gen Honda Civic Si:

  • Front/back adjustable from 87%-52% stock throw (17%-48% reduction)
  • Left/right adjustable from 90%-49% stock throw (10%-51% reduction)  

Beyond simple throw reduction, we have built in a feature that many 8th Gen Civic owners have long desired but never had: Shift knob height adjustment. Our simple single-bolt height adjustment design (borrowed from our popular k-swap shifters) allows the knob to be adjusted higher or lower than stock (within a 1.5″ total range) with only a 5mm allen wrench. Now you can tweak the shifter’s throw AND knob position independently until the shifter functions exactly the way you want it to.

This short shifter assembly is designed so that base bushings are not needed, meaning there’s no need to spend extra money on solid shifter base bushings. The shifter is compatible with OEM 8th Gen Civic cables, or our performance 8th Gen Civic cables. This shifter will work on both the base model R18 platform, as well as the Si’s K20 platform.

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