Hondata FlashPro Accord 2018+ US 1.5 Turbo

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Fits: 10th Gen Honda Accord 1.5T (US-only)

The FlashPro allows datalogging and tuning for your Accord 2018+ US 1.5 turbo. It includes Windows-based software called FlashProManager. The FlashPro connects from your laptop's USB port to your vehicle's diagnostic port. 


Accord tuning features:

  • Boost
  • Fuel and ignition and many many more parameters
  • VTEC window.
  • Rev, launch and speed limiters.
  • Map tracing  & lambda overlay.

Check ECU Compatibility

To ensure that you order the correct FlashPro we recommend that you check your ECU is supported.

ECU part number  

The ECU part number is located on the ECU. The ECU is located in the engine bay near the battery. You may need to remove a plastic cover in order to see the sticker containing the part number.

Sales Region US/Canada Only
Model Accord
Year 2018+
Market US
Engine L15 1.5 T
Transmission AT/MT
Part Number 6A0-(A01-A06)


What sort of improvements can I expect?

The tune is designed to give a conservative yet exhilarating 10-20% improvement in performance. More powerful than the 17 Civic Si turbo.

Your Accord can gain anywhere from 10 to 40 hp everywhere,  with the maximum gains not at the top of the rev range, but where you need it most at the low end of the rev range. Rapid acceleration is just a quick flex of the throttle pedal away. 91 or higher octane highly recommended, but not required. Testing done on 91 octane.

Accord 1.5 CVT

  • Stock - Orange
  • Stage 1- Red  No extra peak hp, but peak power 500 rpm earlier.  20-25 hp gains midrange and 20 lb-ft torque
  • Stage 2 - Magenta 11 peak hp , 30 midrange horsepower and 40 -50 lb-ft midrange torque

The CVT is difficult to dyno, so we are using the MT dyno charts. The CVT was tuned to similar boost levels for the MT for stages 1 and 2.


Accord 1.5 6 MT Stage 2

  • Stock - Orange
  • Stage 1 - Red  No extra peak hp but 20-25 hp midrange and 20 lb-ft torque
  • Stage 2 - Magenta 11 peak hp and 40 -50 lb-ft torque
  • Stage 3 - Silver 13 peak hp (40-45 hp midrange)  and 50-60 lb-ft torque

Stage 3 may need a clutch upgrade depending on driving style.

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