AEM TRU-BOOST X Gauge Type Controller

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SKU: AEM 30-0352

Fits: All Hondas and Acuras

Tru-Boost joins X-Series line, now with AEMnet for data logging and an internal 80PSIg MAP Sensor. The beloved Tru-Boost Gauge has been put to pasture, and is replaced with the new X-Series Tru-BoostX Boost Controller Gauge (PN 30-0352).

The Tru-BoostX Boost Controller Gauge delivers all of the features you loved about the original only now with AEMnet for data logging and a big, fat internal MAP sensor that can handle boost pressures up to 80 PSI of boost. 

The Tru-BoostX Boost Controller gauge delivers digital accuracy but with the simplicity of a manual boost controller. All programming is done using the faceplate buttons and no laptop is required.  It also features a boost display gauge and boost controller in one!

AEM’s specially designed Boost Control Solenoid and all necessary hardware is included.


  • Easy to program - no laptop required
  • Boost control solenoid and all necessary hardware included
  • On-board 80PSIg MAP sensor - no upgrade kit needed for high boost vehicles
  • Two boost level settings and scramble boost setting
  • Wastegate open pressure setting for controlling boost spikes and faster spool
  • Display boost levels in PSI, BAR or kPa
  • Overboost protection and programmable alarms, ground output for optional LED warning light
  • Peak boost level recall X-Series design for the best visibility (87% larger center LED and 33% larger face design)X-Series dimensions make it easier to install (0.825” overall depth, 0.20” cup depth)
  • AEMnet CAN bus enabled for data logging (13 channels of data over 2-wire connection) Standard 52mm (2-1/16”) cup
  • 24 programmable green outer LEDs
  • Auto dimming sensor for ideal brightness day or night
  • Positive locking connectors
  • Program Two Boost Levels + Scramble Boost Setting - Program two boost modes for different levels of performance (up to 80PSIg internal MAP sensor), and program a time-based scramble boost setting that is controlled using a switched input. You can also turn off the controller and use the gauge as a display.
  • Change Wastegate Open Pressure - Ideal for reducing boost spikes and improving spool up
  • Display Boost Levels in PSIg (PSI), BAR or kPa (PAS) - See your boost in the units you prefer, and scale the 24 outer LEDs to match your peak boost levels for the perfect sweeping motion
  • Set Alarms and Display Peak Boost - Set the 24 green outer LEDs to flash based on boost pressure so you are alerted to an overboost condition. A ground output is included for triggering an optional LED warning light. Select the “B” button to see peak boost level and clear the value using the menu
  • Overboost Protection Built In - Protects your engine from an overboost condition by shutting the boost control solenoid off until it is reactivated by you through the buttons on the faceplate
  • Integrated Error Protection - Alerts you to a fault if the boost control solenoid is shorted or disconnected so you are never left guessing whether the Tru-BoostX is operational
  • Datalog using AEMnet CAN bus - Outputting channels over AEMnet provides so much more than just boost pressure!
  • Send 13 channels of data over a 2-wire connection, including boost pressure, peak boost, boost target, boost scramble duty, overboost status, wastegate crack pressure, boost control solenoid status and more.

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