Acuity 9th Gen Honda Civic Si Silicone Radiator Hoses

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Fits the 9th Gen Honda Civic Si

The 9th Gen Civic Si's OEM radiator hoses are made from EPDM rubber.  Unfortuantely, in performance applications where coolant and underhood temperatures are consistently higher than in normal driving conditions, EPDM degrades more quickly.

Silicone is able to withstand temperatures over 100 F higher than EPDM for sustained periods without losing strength or pressure holding ability. The upper hose features a unique design that provides additional clearance for use with an RBC or similar intake manifold where the throttle body is relocated and can interfere with the OEM upper radiator hose. 


  • 5mm walls with 4-ply polyester reinforcement
  • Silicone construction that withstands temps up to 100 F higher than OEM hoses-
  • Black exterior with ACUITY purple hose lining
  • Upper hose design provides extra clearance for use with OEM or RBC intake manifolds
  • Hoses are SAE20R4E compliant.


  • Upper radiator hose
  • Lower radiator hose
  • (4) German-style hose clamps

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