2012-2013 Honda Civic Godspeed Mono-SS coilover suspension

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Fits all 2012 - 2013 Honda Civic models, including LX, EX, Si, and hybrid (coupe/sedan)

BEFORE ORDERING: Professional installation is recommended as no install instructions are included.

The Godspeed Project Mono-SS coilover offers the bare minimum for what we believe an after-market coilover system should be without sacrificing reliability, quality and performance.

Featuring a Mono-Tube shock, this series is built more for consumers who are on a budget but want the best bang for their buck. For a much more comfortable ride, the Mono-SS all come with a Polyurethane bushing in both the top hat and lower bracket for an improved ride instead of a spherical bearing which can be too stiff and noisy for some.

The Mono-SS also caters to consumers who will be driving their cars on the daily and also occasional track days through the year. The Mono-SS is 16-way adjustable, which allows you to fine-tune the shock dampening to your liking. 


  • Spring Rates: 8kg Front / 10kg Rear
  • 16 Levels of dampening
  • Mono-Tube shock design
  • Powder-coated damper body
  • Ride height and spring preload are completely separate (Ride height can be changed without touching spring preload)
  • Polyurethane bushing in both the top hat and lower bracket
  • One-year warranty from date of purchase
RECOMMENDED: Vehicle realignment is recommended after installation 

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