8th Gen Honda Civic Mono-RS coilover suspension

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Fits all 8th Gen Honda Civic  coupe/sedan models, including: lx, es, si, hybrid

The Godspeed Project Mono-RS Coilover system is our top-tier line of systems offered.  A mono tube style shock is the highest type of technology for racing and street applications. The main feature of a mono tube shock is that the hydraulic oil and nitrogen gas are in separate chambers, which will allow a shock to work effectively hours upon hours. Having height and dampening adjustability allows you to fine tune the Mono-RS system to your ideal settings. A simple turn of the knob offers great comfort for the street, as well as the stiff settings you would want for track use.

Height adjustment is made easy with CNC Aluminum locking perches and brackets for accuracy of adjustment. With the Mono-RS system, every single piece of hardware is made rigid by featuring an aluminum alloy strut.  Pillow ball upper mounts allow fine tuning of camber (on certain applications) and offers a high-quality bearing made to last.

The Mono-RS has gone through rigorous testing on shock dynos for hours upon hours with great results. We have also done high-abuse testing in both drifting and time attack with each Mono-RS coilover application at popular tracks, such as Buttonwillow Raceway (Buttonwillow, CA) and Willow Springs International Raceway (Rosamond, CA).

We stand by our coilover system with a 1 year warranty (from original purchase date on sales order or invoice).  


  • Front camber plates (allows you to adjust front camber)
  • Spring Rates : 8kg Front and 10kg Rear
  • 32 ways of dampening adjustability
  • Pillow ball top hat on most Mono-RS Systems
  • Adjustable ride height
  • Well-balanced spring rate choice (which works great for track and street use)
  • Mono tube shock body design
  • All hardware is included for installation
NOTE: When adjusting, remember: Clockwise = more stiff; Counter-clockwise = more soft

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