TruHart StreetPlus Full Coilovers

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FITS: 10th Gen Honda Civic Si

Sold in sets of 4 coilovers.

The StreetPlus are a new entry in TruHart's coilover range. TruHart StreetPlus coilovers feature a durable zinc coating with an integrated aluminum top mount (on most applications). The integrated aluminum top mounts will not only give you a firmer ride but make installation easier as well. The bottom mounts are independently adjustable for easy ride height tuning without having to sacrifice shock travel and comfort. These coilovers are a great solution for the budget minded tuner looking for a comfortable coilover that's still perfect for cornering performance.

Key Features:

  • An excellent value coilover system - great quality and features for the price.
  • Features at least 2 upper mounts (top mounts) for each application. Most applications will feature all 4 upper mounts for your vehicle. These upper mounts will give your suspension a more solid feel to it.
  • Special coating protects coilover threads against corrosion.
  • Application specific valving and spring rates allows for a sporty but comfortable ride.
  • Pillow-Ball Upper Mounts on some applications and adjustable front camber plates on some applications as well.
  • High performance twin-tube design.
  • Adjustable ride height allows for about a 1.5" to 4.0" drop on most applications.
  • Spring adjustment is independent of ride height adjustment, allowing for consistent pre-load settings.
  • Backed by a 2 Year Limited Warranty.

Ride Height Adjustment Notes: Normally, vehicle ride height is adjusted by reducing or increasing the pre-load on the coil spring. This method leads to inconsistent spring rates that are dependent upon the vehicle ride height. These coilovers allow you to adjust your vehicle's ride height independent of its spring pre-load. This method ensures that the spring rate is always consistent, no matter how high or low your car is. In addition, it ensures that the spring is always properly positioned onto the strut and effectively reduces miscellaneous and unnecessary noise.

Pillow-Ball Upper Mounts: These are included on some applications. They will help tighten up your ride and give you quicker steering response. Also, some include a built-in front camber adjustment plate as well so you can quickly and easily dial in front camber to your liking.

NOTE: Eliminates factory Active Damper System (ADS), but includes an ADS Bypass Module to prevent the ADS Indicator Light from illuminating on your dash. Includes front pillow-ball upper mounts with camber plates.

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