Ny-Trex Accu-Pressure Bottle Heater

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Fits:  All Hondas and Acuras

Keep your bottle in the “sweet spot” with a Ny-trex exclusive Accu-Pressure Bottle Heater System. This system features an adjustable pressure switch that accurately sets bottle pressure before use. The ability to provide accurate pressure control takes away the guess work in heating nitrous to achieve correct bottle pressure, providing a safer, worry-free operation.

Other new technology includes a unique Mica-Band heating element capable of heating a bottle in half the time of traditional silicone blanket style heaters. The temperature is controlled by an adjustable pressure switch while most other standard systems use a less accurate temp switch. Aesthetics are also maintained. 

Unlike blanket-style heaters which hide the nitrous bottle, robbing its visual appeal, the Ny-Trex bottle heater is a slim, polished stainless steel band that wraps only a small portion of the bottle complimenting the bottle’s finish.

Sold as a system, the Ny-Trex, Accu-Pressure comes complete including easy-to-read installation instructions, switches, relay, wire, and weather-pack connectors. 

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