MFactory Close Ratio Gear Set (1st-6th) K series

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  • 8th Gen Honda Civic
  • 9th Gen Honda Civic
  • Acura RSX
  • 1st Gen Acura TSX
  • 2nd Gen Acura TSX

Achieve the ultimate in acceleration with the MFactory Close Ratio Gears. Diamond Cut to exacting tolerances, from fully Carburized Forged Nickel-Chromoly Steel and put through our own proprietary heat treatment process, you will not find a stronger, more reliable product on the market.

Our special treatment process makes our gears several times stronger & tougher than OEM Gears and are specifically designed to endure the demanding requirements of high-power track/drag cars.

After installing our gears, you will experience a phenomenal increase in acceleration despite a lower top speed.


  • 3.130 1st
  • 2.167 2nd
  • 1.647 3rd
  • 1.286 4th
  • 1.043 5th
  • 0.851 6th (Dual Synchro)

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