KTunerFlash V1.2

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Fits: 3rd Gen Honda Fit GK5 1.5

PRIOR TO ORDERING:  Axion Industries is not liable for any issues with installation.  All tunes require a professional, especially in order to troubleshoot any issues.  Should you need assistance, please contact KTuner directly.

WARNING: KTuner for the 3rd Gen Honda Fit GK5 1.5 FitKTuner is for off-road research and development testing only. Every vehicle should be flashed back to factory before being driven on a public road.  

Announcing the KTunerFlash V1.2, the latest KTunerFlash hardware available from KTuner for flashing all of our supported KTunerFlash OBD applications. This is replacing our existing KTunerFlash V1 End User Kit and it's a HUGE upgrade. 


  • Locked to one vehicle at a time
  • Allows flash tuning and datalogging, via our KTuner software
  • On board logging - setup the unit to log without a laptop
  • Five custom tune storage. Just like our KTunerFlash V2, the KTunerFlash V1.2 offers tune storage for factory, plus five additional tunes
  • Deep sleep mode - Like our KTunerFlash V2, the unit will go into Deep Sleep Mode with no activity
  • Bluetooth integration - compatible with our TunerView App for Android
  • The TunerView App For $4.99 adds these capabilities:
    • Real-time display gauges
    • Multiple configurable layouts
    • Record video with overlay gauges
    • FLASH loaded tunes directly from the app

Your Options: 

  • KTunerECU End User System
  • KTunerECU Hardware with software. Datalog and make your own changes – $499  

Part numbers for usable ECUs include:  

  • North America MT 37820-5R7-A01 through A04    
  • 37820-5R7-A11 through A14    
  • 37820-5R7-C01 through C04    
  • 37820-5R7-C11 through C14    
  • 37820-5R7-D11 through D14    
  • 37820-5R7-U01 through U04  
  • CVT 37820-5R7-A51 through A57    
  • 37820-5R7-C51 through C57    
  • 37820-5R7-C61 through C67    
  • 37820-5R7-C71 through C77
  • International MT 37820-5R3-B01 through B02    
  • 37820-5R3-H01 through H02  
  • CVT 37820-5R7-K51 through K55    
  • 37820-5R7-P51 through P55    
  • 37820-5R7-P61 through P65    
  • 37820-5R7-P71 through P75    
  • 37820-5R7-P81 through P85    
  • 37820-5R7-P91 through P95    
  • 37820-5R7-U71 through U74    
  • 37820-5R7-X51 through X55
Included with this package is Tune 1. Tuned at 1100 feet, stock vehicle. This package also allows you to get e-tuned by a trained dealer.

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