KTuner V1.2

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Fits: 1st Gen Acura TLX V6

PRIOR TO ORDERING:  Axion Industries is not liable for any issues with installation.  All tunes require a professional, especially in order to troubleshoot any issues.  Should you need assistance, please contact KTuner directly.

WARNING: KTuner is for off-road research and development testing only. Every vehicle should be flashed back to factory before being driven on a public road.

KTunerFlash V1.2 End User System comes with both hardware and software. Datalog and make your own changes. 

Part numbers for usable ECUs, for North America, include:


  • 37820-5J2-A51 through A56    
  • 37820-5J2-A61 through A66    
  • 37820-5J2-A71 through A75    
  • 37820-5J2-A81 through A85    
  • 37820-5J2-305 and 306    
  • 37820-5J2-307 and 309


  • 37820-5J2-A11 through A15    
  • 37820-5J2-A21 through A25    
  • 37820-5J2-A31 through A35    
  • 37820-5J2-A41 through A45    
  • 37820-5J2-405 through 408


  • 37820-5J2-C51 through C55    
  • 37820-5J2-C61 through C65    
  • 37820-5J2-600 through 610
  • 37820-5J2-C71 through C72    
  • 37820-5J2-C81 through C82 

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