King Racing Main Bearings - XP Tri-Metal K20/K24

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  • 8th Gen Honda Civic Si
  • 9th Gen Honda Civic Si
  • Acura RSX
  • 1st Gen Acura TSX
  • 2nd Gen Acura TSX

King's innovative race-only Xtreme Performance pMax Black Tri-Metal rod bearings have a 24% stronger overlay and 17% more fatigue strength by using a micro process called, "SecureBond". These bearings are proven track-tough to handle the ground-shaking power of your race engine.

Built with enhanced tri-metal, these XP-Series rod bearings layer copper-lead construction with a nickel plate barrier and a lead/tin/copper Babbitt overlay, over a steel backing, in an adhesion process that provides superior stability and durability.

King's advanced control measures maintain wall thickness tolerances far tighter than their competitors - at  +/- .0001 in.

These XP-Series rod bearings are narrowed on the crank cheek side and increase crush height for improved bearing-to-bore contact, heat transfer, and reduced spin potential in high-rpm applications. 

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