Oil Pump Gears by Boundary Pump Division

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  • 10th Gen Honda Civic 1.5T
  • 10th Gen Honda Civic Si 1.5T
  • 11th Gen Honda Civic 1.5T
  • 11th Gen Honda Civic Si 1.5T
  • 5th Gen Acura Integra 1.5T
  • 10th Gen Honda Accord 1.5T 

Boundary oil pump gears are 100% manufactured in our Dallas, Texas production facility. We start by quenching our chromoly billets from extreme heat and then temper it to a tough indestructible core. After machining, we apply our ColdFlow surface hardening process and complete it to a Mirror Finish.

What does all this give you? It gives you a pump with stability over 9000 RPM, proven in excess of 600whp, with higher efficiency, less friction, and backed by one of the industries best warranties.


  • Mirror finish and surface hardened
  • Ground gears for the ultimate in fitment and performance
  • Indestructible chromoly core
  • Inner and outer gear machined in matched sets
  • Our own race-inspired gerotor design for flow and strength
  • Each set is hand, machine, and hardness-inspected with blueprinting
  • Report benefits pump stability over 9000rpm
  • Proven in excess of 600whp
  • Higher efficiency and less friction

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