Godspeed Rear Camber Arm

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SKU: CK-005


  • 8th Gen Honda Accord (both L4 and V6)
  • 2nd Gen Acura TSX

Camber adjustment range: +/- 3 degrees of camber

Lowering a vehicle will often take it out of OEM alignment specification. A large majority of OEM suspension components do not have any camber adjustment. An out-of-spec alignment can cause poor handling characteristics and even premature uneven tire wear.

Designed for the Honda Accord (base / V6 model) and Acura TSX, this kit will help your lowered car not only drive better, but your tires will last much longer as well.

Godspeed's Camber Kits are designed to be reliable for daily driving yet strong enough for high performance and race use.

INSTALLATION NOTE: Vehicle realignment is recommended after installation. There is a 3-year warranty from the purchase date.

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