GearX Dog Gear set K series

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Fits: 8th Gen Honda Civic

We have commissioned our European manufacturers to design and produce a full-Dog engagement 4 Speed Gear Set with Helical Gears, which was originally designed to suit all motor applications producing 400+HP and to utilize the stock OEM Final Drive Ratios. However, with the inclusion of the billet-machined 5th Gear Cuff Brace (included) and using one of our GEAR-X Final Drives, we are finding that much higher power is being handled with no problem.

The Dog Kit is compatible with original Final Drive (fits on original Pinion) and are compatible with original synchromesh-type gears!

Kit includes:

  • All gears, shafts, sleeves + hubs
  • All bearings used are OEM original
  • Forks used are OEM

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