Carrillo Pro-A Rods (K24)

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SKU: AA-RSX-1-A-65984H-04


  • 8th Gen Honda Civic
  • 9th Gen Honda Civic
  • Acura RSX

Carrillo Connecting Rods are manufactured from a proprietary steel, manufactured and forged to custom specifications. After experimenting with virtually every other reasonable material, Carrillo found a chromium/nickel/vanadium/molybdenum-forged alloy to be the best product to meet the stringent requirements of performance motors.

Throughout the manufacturing process Carrillo rods are inspected and measured to uphold high quality standards


  • Bolt Size: 3/8 WMC
  • Length: 5.984in / 152.00mm BE
  • Bore: 2.0080in / 51.003mm BE
  • Width: 0.782in / 19.86mm
  • Gram Weight: 496 / 360 / 136
  • Pin Dia: 22mm
  • PE Width: 0.780in / 19.81mm

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