Buddy Club Racing Spec Crank Pulley Kit w/ AC 9th Gen Honda Civic Si

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SKU: BC05-P1PK24Z7-A

Fits: 9th Gen Honda Civic Si

Buddy Club has just released their new P1 Racing Crank Pulley Kit for the Honda K-series engines. Honda K-series engines love to rev, and you can free your engine to rev more quickly with the Buddy Club P1 Racing Pulley Kit.

By reducing rotational mass and adjusting the pulley size ratio, this kit offers improved acceleration, quicker throttle response and has been shown to free up an additional 8 HP and 7 ft-lb of torque in some race applications.

The P1 Racing kit includes: 

  • Crank
  • Alternator
  • Power steering/Idler pulleys
  • High-quality 7-rib replacement belt.

Pulleys are available individually as well as in pulley sets.

INSTALLATION NOTES: Installation can be done by a knowledgeable do it yourselfer, but as always, Buddy Club strongly recommends a professional installation.

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