Buddy Club Pro Spec Exhaust 1st Gen Acura TSX

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Fits the 1st Gen Acura TSX

The Buddy Club Pro Spec Exhaust is a true JDM exhaust developed during years of circuit racing.  Designed to be lightweight and extremely high flow, the Buddy Club exhaust is the epitome of a race exhaust that brings out the natural sound of your engine and allows your engine to breathe.  This exhaust has a deep and throaty exhaust note that is symbolic of years of Buddy Club racing lineage in Japan. 

This exhaust does not have welds for it's exhaust hangers.  Instead, to ensure lightweight design and incredible strength and construction, the exhaust features "Band Stay" hooks that hold the exhaust hangers in place. 

The Buddy Club muffler has a slight incline cut and is engraved with the Buddy Club logo.  Each exhaust system includes a removeable silencer.

Buddy Club Pro Spec Exhaust Features:

  • Built with top-quality parts and superior workmanship
  • Super lightweight and high-performance
  • Direct bolt-on exhaust system
  • Deep and throaty exhaust note
  • Includes silencer 
  • All necessary bolts and gaskets for install 

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