Agency Power Intercooler Upgrade 10th Gen Honda Civic Si 1.5L Turbo Black

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Fits 10th Gen Honda Civic Si 1.5L Turbo

Agency Power’s new large capacity, high-flow intercooler is a direct replacement to improve efficiency and gain horsepower. With this performance intercooler, your high-revving Civic Si engine will see gains in both horsepower and torque. 

The bar-and-plate intercooler core is designed to keep charge temperatures down. With its high-volume end tanks, air flow is never compromised when the turbocharger requires it. 

Each intercooler kit is designed to fit factory intercooler hoses and mounting brackets.

Intercoolers are available in a stealth black finish.

Intercooler Core Dimensions:

  • Stock core agency power core thickness: 64.14 mm 90.38 mm
  • Height 114.17 mm 169.04 mm


  • Black stealth look bar-and-plate Intercooler High-Flow End Tanks
  • Designed as a factory replacement 

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