10th Gen Honda Civic Type-R FK8 CTR Front Mount Intercooler Kit

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Fits tje 10th Gen Honda Civic Type-R FK8

With The Full-Race CTR Front Mount Intercooler, there’s no need to take time off work to schedule a tune - just download your new calibration, via FlashPro, after installation and you’re good to go!

The addition of a high-performance air-to-air intercooler is the most important upgrade for the CTR’s turbocharged engine. Full Race’s CTR Intercooler and Piping Kit will keep your charge air temperatures at or near ambient air temperature. We use the largest and most efficient 4″ thick bar-and-plate intercoolers that can fit the FK8. 

Optimized Fin pitch, and expertly TIG welded gusseted brackets / end tanks in precise fixtures, delivers the reliability and durability Full-Race is known for. This intercooler uses 2.5″ inlet / 2.5″ outlet and is available with water/meth bungs on the cold side charge pipe.

Each intercooler is individually pressure tested to 50 psi before shipping.

Under boost, the plastic crimped stock intercooler can reach 220+ degrees Fahrenheit at max load. By adding the Full-Race intercooler upgrade, the average temperature drop is 85-95 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing the turbo to continue making full boost.

What this means: When you’re participating in a track event or spirited driving with the stock intercooler, heat soak becomes a problem very quickly, causing power loss. The high charge air temps, cause the ECU to retard engine timing and lower boost targets until you pull over and let the engine cool off in an attempt to prevent a knock condition. This problem is completely avoided with Full-Race’s Civic Type-R Front Mount Intercooler.

Full-Race Civic Type R Intercooler Features:

  • High Quality Bar and plate core, tested to 50psi 4″ thick x 26″ long x 9″ tall
  • Hand-fabricated out of aerospace-grade aluminum
  • TIG welded end tanks
  • Billet MAP sensor flange welded to end tank
  • Includes High Strength Steel Mounting Beam
  • 100% plug-and-play
  • Includes a Full-Race stencil

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