RV6 R365 Turbo for 10th Gen Civic 1.5T Civic Batch 3

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Fits: 10th Gen Honda Civic 1.5T

The RV6 R365 turbo has a power curve and characteristics of a ball bearing GTX2860 GEN 2 turbocharger. The test vehicle put down 345whp at 27.5psi on E30 before the factory MAP sensor and fuel system were maxed out.

We tested several turbine and compressor wheel combinations and found this setup to be the most practical. It is able to max out the factory fuel system, without running at inefficient boost levels, which tend to shake turbochargers apart.

For maximum bearing life run 0W-30 or 5W-30. The reasoning is that running increased boost pressures on a small frame turbocharger puts significant load on the thrust bearing. The thicker oil will offer better protection for the engine and turbocharger at higher power levels. 

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