P2R J-Series Holley EFI Intake Plenum Adapter Kit

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SKU: 981

Fits: J-Series

Our kit includes:

  • Intake manifold adapter
  • Intake manifold gaskets
  • Plenum gasket
  • P2R Throttle Body Adapter for cable-driven and drive-by-wire throttle bodies
  • Vacuum fittings
  • All necessary hardware.

All vacuum ports are under the plenum for a clean look. The kit does not include the Holley Plenum. You can use any of the following Holley Plenums with our kit:

  • Holley 300-245
  • Holley 300-218
  • Holley 300-209
  • Holley 300-218BK
  • Holley 300-209BK

Please select the type of throttle body you are using:

  • Cable-driven will fit any J-series cable driven throttle body or any B series Throttle body.
  • Drive-by-wire J37 / ZDX Throttle Body Adapter.
  • Drive-by-wire J32/J35 Throttle Body Adapter, which will fit all J-series drive-by-wire throttle bodies except for the 3.7 throttle bodies.
  • Mustang Throttle Body adapter allows use of the standard Mustang throttle body many use.

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