MFactory K-Series 1st-4th Drag Gear Set

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Fits: 8th Gen Honda Civic (K20)

These K-Series gears are a direct swap for the OEM 1-4 K20 6 speed gears and can be used with OEM synchros or Synchrotech Carbon Synchros.  They are designed with a longer 1st  and close ratios 1-4 for a better launch and reduced RPM drop during shifts.  The OEM 5th and 6th gears can be reused for highway cruising.  T

he gears are hardened and super sub zero cryo treated for increased strength.


  • 2.313 - 1st
  • 1.650 - 2nd
  • 1.304 - 3rd
  • 1.080 - 4th

Fitting: K20/EP3 6 speed Manual Transmissions

Power Rating: ~500whp

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