K-Tuned Cold Air Intake RBC swap 9th Gen Honda Civic Si

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Fits: 9th Gen Honda Civic Si w/RBC Intake Manifold (Does not fit stock manifold)  

K-Tuned kits will allow you to build an intake system that will perfectly match your setup. They are available in both Short Ram or Cold Air configurations and can easily be switched between the two.


  • Start by selecting the proper throttle body velocity coupler to match the TB you are using. The velocity coupler provides a perfect transition from the piping to throttle body unlike standard silicone couplers. There are applications for the stock throttle body, J35 throttle body upgrade, and the ZDX throttle body upgrade.
  • Next, you'll select the primary intake pipe size. (This is the first pipe that will connect to your throttle body coupler and will also have the MAF located on it). This, again, is available in 3" and 3.5" sizes. Note: If you are using the 3.5" pipe, Flashpro is required and you'll have to switch over to a MAP-based tune.
  • If you want to go with Short Ram, you can use either a regular filter or our V-Stack option. If you are going with the longer Cold Air Intake, you can again use our regular filter or V-Stack and Filter. Note: The V-Stack on the Cold Air Intake will not fit with fog lights. Unfortunately, there is not enough clearance behind the bumper.  
  • Both the Short Ram and Cold Air Intakes come with a K-Tuned K24 Upper Radiator Hose. This will move the upper hose downward and provide the space needed to install the new intake.
  • We have also designed a special battery tray to move the battery down to the frame rail and make even more room. All the necessary hardware and clamps are included.  
Note: Vstack & Filter option will not fit if fog lights are in place.   Please email us and let us know which TB is being used for your RBC swap.

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