Insane Shafts 9th Gen Honda Civic M.T. 2.4L (1000HP) Axles

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Fits: 9th Gen Honda Civic M.T. 2.4L

We design our own axles from similar OEM specs, but re-engineered them to provide the end user with not only a better product, but a stronger and more durable CV axle.    

InsaneShafts has developed an affordable, high-quality product for all your racing needs.  Whether for drag racing, road racing, or daily use, these axles have proven to last.    

InsaneShafts has a long history of developing custom CV axles for many off-road vehicles.    

This swap axle requires no hub/spindle modifications (even swap axles).  It has been designed to give the consumer the best product for the money and have stood toe-to-toe against all your bigger-stage axles.

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