Hondata FK8/ FL5 Jailbreaker 2020+ US Civic Type R

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Fits: 2020-2021 Gen Honda Civic Type-R FK8/FL5

BEFORE ORDERING: You do not need this product for the 2017-2019 US Honda Civic Type-R or any other vehicle, though you still need to purchase the instant jailbreak.

This Jailbreaker temporarily bypasses the CAN gateway on the 2020-2021 US-market Honda Civic Type-R so that you can instantly jailbreak the ECU.

The Jailbreaker device (not the instant jailbreak) can be used on as many vehicles as you like.


  • Update FlashProManager to the latest beta version.
  • Do not attempt to jailbreak the ECU if the ECU is in recovery mode.  In this case, return the ECU to stock and verify it is working.
  • Pull the left side of the lower dash free (It is held in with spring clips and will come away without much force).
  • Locate the stock CAN gateway - it is on the same wiring as the white and the blue connectors, which plug into the lower dash.
  • Unplug the stock CAN gateway and plug in the Jailbreaker.
  • Using your FlashPro, perform an instant jailbreak as described here.
  • Unplug the Jailbreaker and plug back in the stock CAN gateway.
  • Push the lower dash back into place.
  • Drive the vehicle a short distance to clear any problem codes.

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