Hondata FK8 FL5 DE5 Fuel System Plus- HONFS-PLUS

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  • 10th Gen Honda Civic Type-R
  • 11th Gen Honda Civic Type-R
  • 5th Gen Acura Integra Type-S

The Hondata Fuel System Plus provides your FK8 / FL5  / DE5 (Integra type S) with almost 50% more fuel over stock, providing the fuel you need with OEM reliability, starting and idling. The CTR  / ITS Fuel System Plus includes:

  • High flow direct injection pump (OEM designed, OEM  reliability)
  • Hondata exhaust camshaft (US designed and built)
  • Four Hondata 1427cc injectors (stock is 1059 cc) (US designed and built)
  • High pressure fuel line (US designed and built)
  • Low pressure fuel line (US designed and built)
  • Nothing is cut. Your car can be easily returned to stock.
  • For use with FK8 Civic Type R , FL5 Civic Type R and DE5 Integra Type S

The Hondata designed, US manufactured 1427cc fuel injectors deliver a spray pattern for great fuel atomisation with 47% more flow than a stock Civic Type R (either FK8 or FL5) or Integra-S injector. These injectors are calibrated at 100 BAR. In car testing indicates these injectors flow a volume over 1600 cc. Hondata has tested these injectors to over 550 HP on E85 which indicates a HP capacity over 700hp on race fuel. We will update this explanation when we have more data.

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How much additional fuel can this deliver to a stock FK8 / FL5 / Integra-S?

The Hondata Fuel System Plus delivers 49% more fuel over stock.

How does this differ from the CTR Fuel System?

This system has bigger, high flow Hondata designed, US built and fabricated 1427cc injectors and camshaft capable of delivering 25% additional fuel volume over the Hondata CTR Fuel System. 

What's the injector spray pattern like?

The Hondata 1427 injectors are designed with a spray pattern similar, meaning startup and idle are great. Read the injector tech here.

How does this work with flex fuel?

Perfectly. Flex fuel requires 40% more fuel volume. This system delivers the required fuel.

What's the quality like?

The best. No corners are cut, no shortcuts were taken in the development.  These parts were tested for 2 years before release.

What's the warranty and procedure?

1 year parts. Contact with your serial and invoice number for an RMA. Return shipping is covered by customer.

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