HKS Intercooler Upgrade | 2017-2021 Honda Civic Type-R

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SKU: HKS 13001-AH005

Fits: 10th Gen Honda Civic Type-R

After extensive research, HKS noticed that the stock intercooler in the Civic Type-R was simply insufficient to handle the pressure generated by the K20C turbocharged engine. This was leading to engine intake temperatures rising to nearly 90°C.

The newly designed HKS Civic Type-R intercooler core is 100mm wide and has a capacity roughly 200% greater than the stock intercooler. This large core has shown an overwhelming increase in cooling performance.

They also saw that the stock intercooler piping layout had a sharp bend, so the intake air did not flow smoothly and lead to boost pressure loss. They've answered this by integrating a superior piping design to realize smooth air flow and reduce this loss.


  • Greatly increased coolant capacity
  • Smoother piping on the ends to reduce pressure loss
  • Overwhelming increase in cooling performance

Please Note: Minor modification of the fan shroud and rubber part that comes in contact with the core is required. 

Specifications Dimensions: 695mm x 178mm x 100mm

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