ET Drag 26/8.5-15 15.0 Inch Rim Dia 26 Inch OD Mickey Thompson

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Fits: All Hondas and Acuras needing a 26/8.5-15 15.0 Inch; Rim Dia. 26-inch OD

Real world research and development give M/T slicks the edge over competitive brands. Engineered for maximum traction and consistent ET with superior construction and compounding for nearly every drag race application.

WARNING: Do not use on dyno.  All bias drag drive tires must be matched to be within 1/2-inch roll out. Never use rim screws on radial drag tires!


  • Multiple Compounds and Sizes
  • Compounded For Maximum Traction
  • Requires Little or No Burnout
  • Engineered For Consistent Performance


  • Series: ET
  • Drag Size: 26/8.5-15
  • Color: Black
  • Rim Diameter: 15"
  • O.D. 24.5"
  • Section Width Inch: 9.60"
  • Tread Width Inch: 7.72"
  • Tread Depth 32nds: 6.5
  • Approximate Weight Lbs: 17
  • Measured Rim Width: 8.00"
  • Minimum Rim Width: 7.00"
  • Maximum Rim Width: 8.50"
  • Sidewall type: Painted White Letters 

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