Clutch Masters 10th Gen Honda Civic 1.5T Clutch, FX350 - Single Disc Clutch Series

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SKU: FX350-08150

Fits: 10th Gen Honda Civic 1.5T

Built to OEM specifications to work with the factory OEM dual-mass flywheel (DMF), or available in a sprung disc option to work with a single mass flywheel.

The Clutch masters high-leverage pressure plate offers over 700 lbs. additional clamping force, than the factory pressure plate. We incorporate our ductile iron casting and heat-treated straps to gain the additional clamp load while still maintaining a soft pedal feel with smooth clutch engagement.

Clutch kits include: 

  • Heavy-duty pressure plate with spring
  • Fiber-friction clutch disc
  • Release bearing and alignment tool
ORDERING NOTES: Please select the spring or rigid clutch.

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