Buddy Club Racing Spec Seat Rail (Right)

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Fits the 3rd Gen Honda Fit GK5

BEFORE ORDERING: This is sold individually (for one seat).

A Buddy Club seat rail kit comes with everything you need you to install virtually any seat in your vehicle. These rail kits are designed for "side mount"-style seats, but can be adapted to fit any standard bottom mount seat on our site, by purchasing a "Bottom Mount Adapter Plate".

Key Features:

  • High quality, high strength, and lightweight
  • Includes sliders
  • Double rail, double locking runners
  • Works with almost any brand side mount style seat (Recaro, Sparco, MOMO, Buddy Club, etc.)
  • Desirable low-height position, but also features a height-adjustable mounting stand
  • Easy to install
INSTALLATION NOTES: Unless you purchase a Universal "Bottom Mount Adapter Plate", this seat rail kit will work with SIDE MOUNT SEATS ONLY! 

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