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Fits: 10th Gen Honda Civic

WARNING: FOR OFF-ROAD USE ONLY Some products may not be legal for use on public highways.  It is the purchaser's responsibility to check and comply with all local, state and federal laws before installing components and operating vehicle.

One area the L15B7 needed immediate improvement was the throttle body.  The OEM throttle body measures 56mm at the opening but tapers down to a narrow 50.5mm at the manifold.  This taper chokes incoming air and robs the engine of potential power.

BLOX Racing's newest throttle bodies are available in 56mm and 58mm bores sizes, with minimal tapering.  Each is CNC machined from billet aluminum and incorporates a new drive-by-wire motor. BLOX Racing has spent months road testing making sure there was not corruption between the drive-by-wire motor and ECU.

The larger throttle bodies offer increases in airflow resulting in additional horsepower and torque gains.  Throttle bodies include hardware and reuse the factory's O-ring gasket.


Stock: opening measures 56mm and tapers to 50.5mm
56mm: opening measures 58mm and tapers to 56mm (+11% larger than stock)
58mm: opening measures 59mm and tapers to 58mm (+15% larger than stock)

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