Acuity 22” Battery Sensor Harness Extension

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SKU: 1891-2

Fits: 9th Gen Honda Civic Si

This is the same wiring harness that's included in our Curl Control Cold Air Intake kits for the 9th Gen Honda Civic Si.

The extension is approximately 22" long and fits between the battery terminal and the battery sensor wiring harness. This is an essential item when relocating your battery. Or, if you need to extend your OEM harness, like when placing the battery in the trunk, this is a great way to make a custom extension without cutting the OEM wiring harness. Each harness has a durable, rubberized, braided sheath for abrasion resistance and heat protection. 


  • Great for 9th Gen Civic Si applications where the battery has been moved to a location that the existing battery sensor wiring cannot reach
  • One end affixes to OEM battery sensor, while other end affixes to OEM wiring harness
  • No cutting or splicing needed
  • Extends wiring approximately 22” (560mm)
  • Rubberized, braided cover for abrasion and heat protection 

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