Skunk2 Ultra Street Intake Manifold - L15B

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  • 10th Gen Honda Civic Si
  • 11th Gen Honda Civic
  • 11th Gen Honda Civic Si 
  • 5th Gen Acura Integra

Ultra Series Manifolds ensure optimal intake performance for maximum horsepower gain, versus a traditional single piece intake manifold. Our modular cast aluminum intake manifold can be easily disassembled for ease of porting, cleaning, and plenum volume changes, via the use of our separately sold spacers. This expandable plenum gives the ability to perfectly curate intake air flow and volume to maximize application potential.  

Skunk2 Ultra Series Manifolds are the result of decades of research and development. These were engineered using the latest in Computational Fluid Dynamics software and countless hours of dyno and real-world testing on race cars and street cars alike. The optimized plenum design evenly distributes airflow to all cylinders under dynamic load conditions.  

Cast from high-grade 356 aluminum alloy, due to its high strength, low weight properties, and CNC machined for precision fitment.

Thick-walled intake runners leave large allowances for porting to minimize chances of breakthrough and a larger 70mm throttle body opening offer maximum air flow.  


  • Modular 2-piece design w/ removable plenum
  • Rotatable plenum allows driver-side or passenger-side throttle body mounting
  • 1.8L Plenum volume
  • Tapered high-velocity runners
  • Generously cast runner walls for porting 70mm throttle body opening
  • Lightweight 356 aluminum alloy construction
  • High-grade mounting hardware
  • Thermal gasket included
  • 4x 1/8-inch NPT and 3x 1/4-inch NPT accessory ports fit stock
  • Throttle body and Skunk2 Pro throttle bodies  
** Optional Billet Aluminum Spacer Available in .5L Size

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