10th Gen Honda Civic 1.5T Skunk2 Intercooler Kit

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Fits 10th Gen Honda Civic 1.5T

Optimal cooling is imperative for performance and reliability, especially for turbocharged applications. Skunk2’s complete Intercooler Kit for the 10th Gen Honda Civic 1.5T engine delivers a bolt-on solution that reduces intake air temperatures to maximize your engines performance.  

Honda’s OEM intercooler system is inadequate to sustain low air temperatures under aggressive driving situations. Plastic intercooler end caps and smaller, plastic tubing with rubber couplers come factory which quickly get drenched in heat and are slow to dissipate. Excessively high intake air temperatures result in huge power drops and poor performance with increased risk of detonation. When power is raised, the issue becomes even more prevalent.  

Our 3.5-inch, 100% aluminum intercooler is 30% larger than stock, flowing a higher volume of air and acting better as a heat sink to reduce intake air temperatures, versus the stock 2.5-inch intercooler. The included 2.25-inch aluminum tubing further increases air flow and aids in temperature reduction due to better heat dissipation versus the stock plastic.  

Intake air temperatures are reduced by 20% on average, resulting in more power and less chance of engine detonation. This translates to dyno-proven power increases of up to 7 hp on an un-tuned vehicle with bigger gains on modified, tuned vehicles.  

Skunk2’s 10th Gen Civic 1.5T Intercooler Kit is offered as a 100% bolt-on solution with tubing run through factory locations with no modifications to the chassis or other components. Special flanges are included for use with OEM intercooler piping as well as a larger coupler for those running bigger throttle bodies.  


  • 20% Cooler Intake Air Temperatures
  • Up to 7 Horsepower Gained Without Tuning
  • 30% Larger 3.5-inch thick, 100% Raw Aluminum Intercooler
  • Gray Powder-Coated 2.25-inch Aluminum Tubing
  • Formed Silicone Tubing and Couplers OEM
  • Mounting Location and Tube Routing is 100% Bolt-On - No Modifications Necessary
  • Includes Flanges to fit Stock Intercooler Piping
  • All Necessary Brackets and Hardware Included

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