9th Gen Honda Civic Skunk2 Lowering Springs

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Fits 9th Gen Honda Civic

Skunk2 lowering springs are designed to dramatically improve handling performance and driver feel through significantly increased cornering grip and reduced body roll. They also help counteract squatting under acceleration, as well as nose-diving while braking.

All Skunk2 lowering springs are CNC-wound using the highest quality SAE 9254V spring steel, shot-peen stress relieved, and corrosion-protected thanks to powder coating and specialized phosphate treating processes. The results are a lower center of gravity and race car-like handling, yet smooth, comfortable ride characteristics—the perfect balance between performance and comfort.

Skunk2 Lowering Springs are compatible with OEM or aftermarket shock absorbers and look great on vehicles with stock or aftermarket wheels.

When applicable, Skunk2 lowering springs should be paired with Skunk2 sport shocks and other suspension components.


  • Front Spring Rate (Tender / Main): 135 lb-in / 184 lb-in
  • Rear Spring Rate (Tender / Main): 125 lb-in / 273 lb-in
  • Drop (Front / Rear): 2.25” / 2.00”
  • Note: 1 lb-in = 0.0179 kg/mm

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